Ecstatic dance dj + facilitator


Welcome to the world of DJ ILO, a devoted yoga practitioner, and transformational artist from Helsinki. Embarking on his DJ journey in 1998 at underground and club parties, ILO discovered a profound purpose through Ashtanga yoga in 2005, infusing his sets with the essence of yoga and wisdom traditions.

sonic alchemy

Experience the magic as ILO weaves transformative Ecstatic Dance journeys at festivals, Burner events, retreats, and yoga schools. Not just a DJ, ILO is a creator of ceremonies, music, and sound healing events, notably introducing the first healing village at Existence festival in 2011.For him, a DJ's mission transcends mere song selection; akin to a yoga teacher, his aspiration and energy influences the audience far beyond the auditory experience. Join us on a soulful exploration through sound and movement with DJ ILO!

ecstatic dance

Ecstatic Dance empowers you to break free from stagnant patterns and transcend limitations in your life. It encourages you to surrender to the music, moving authentically in tune with your body's needs. As dancers let their bodies communicate without words, a revelation unfolds — they aren't merely moving, but rather, they are being moved. The dance takes over, often leading to unlocking a state of consciousness that is transformative and liberating.

beats meets transcendence

Whether you're planning a festival, event, retreat, or seeking a collaboration that transcends the ordinary, DJ ILO brings a unique blend of Ecstatic Dance and wisdom traditions to elevate your gathering.Let's co-create an immersive experience that transforms hearts, bodies and minds!